Super Tight

The feeling this Fleshlight provides is not very extreme. In reality, I would suggest this adult toy for both novices or guys who favour really low stimulation. The stiffness this version provides is adequate and consistent through the whole canal. Regrettably, I’d have chosen for this particular unit to supply a tighter feeling with the words “super tight” from the title.

Fleshlight Super Tight

The smaller canal restricts the vacuum buildup prevalent in additional Fleshlight models. This creates the degree of the orgasm lacklustre in comparison to textured Charleston County Fleshlights. On a positive note, I did note the patented Super Ethnicity supplies a near ideal slide.

Hygiene and Endurance

Concerning total durability, the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve seems as though it could resist a great deal of usage and does not appear to be more prone to ripping. The material it is made from is powerful and easy to wash. In reality, clean up using this version is a breeze and also one place in which this Fleshlight really shines. As there are no flaws or chambers, there is no room where residue can build up.

A Quick Review

Additionally, the open structure of this Fleshlight makes it effortless to air dry. Actually, I’d say that the ironic time with this particular Fleshlight is considerably faster than other sleeves I’ve used previously.


It is made from excellent material and is guaranteed to stand until the test of time. Regrettably, it provides very little stimulation, which is a turnoff for those that have already attempted Fleshlights with chambers and textures. As a result of the shortage of textures, nevertheless, cleanup for this particular version is as simple as increasing it with warm water.

Super Tight sleeve

Drying time is also very fast due to its open structure. When I had to recommend this version for the others, I’d suggest it for somebody who’s fresh to the world of Fleshlights or for guys who do not enjoy a great deal of stimulation.

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